Cherie Pettitt, EdD, EP-C, NBC-HWC, PAPHS, CSCS, CHWC

Associate Professor, PhD in Health Science Program Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Cherie Pettitt is an Associate Professor in the PhD in Health Science program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. Dr. Pettitt is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and has served as an Exercise is Medicine Emerging Leader. She and has worked in various capacities in health and wellness fields including academe, federal grants, health departments, health insurance companies, and healthcare systems. Dr. Pettitt has several certifications including: American College of Sports Medicine’s Certified Exercise Physiologist, Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist, and Exercise is Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and WellCoach’s Certified Health and Wellness Coach and is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach from the International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaching. In addition, Dr. Pettitt is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory. Dr. Pettitt’s research interests include prolonged sitting and vascular function, wellness coaching and motivational interviewing, prevention and exercise prescription in healthcare, health disparities, and intercultural competence.

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