Jane Wolery

MSU Teton County Extension Agent Teton County

Jane Wolery has been serving the citizens of Teton County since 1998. Prior to that time, she was an extension agent for University of Wyoming in Sheridan County. Before becoming an extension agent, Wolery served five years as a 7-12 family consumer science teacher and K-12 school counselor in Hinsdale, Montana. She was raised on a farm north of Joplin where she participated in 4-H and traveled 30 miles one-way to attend school a K-12 school with 100 students. She appreciates rural Montana.

Wolery strives to enhance her knowledge to serve the people of Montana. She helps people make healthy choices for their bodies and minds, for their families, for their finances and their communities.
The MSU Extension team in Teton County currently includes Sharla Hinman and Jamie Smith. Jane’s home team is made up of her husband of 21 years, Darren Beadle and their two daughters, Delaynie and Bellamy.

Jane Wolery was raised on a farm, 30 miles north of Joplin, Montana. As an 18-year-old, she moved to Demarest, New Jersey, 30 minutes from New York City, to spend the summer as a nanny. Jane attended University of Montana her freshman and senior years, sandwiching two years at MSU Bozeman, where she earned her bachelor’s degree.

In 1991, Jane moved to Hinsdale, Montana where she was a part-time teacher and part-time school counselor. This arrangement prompted her to earn a master’s degree in counseling from Northern Montana College (Now MSU Northern) in Havre.

In 1996, Jane became an Extension Agent in Sheridan, Wyoming. She and Darren Beadle (from Saco, Montana) were married. They moved to Choteau, Montana in 1998 when Jane took a position as MSU Extension Agent on Teton County.

Two daughters entered their lives. The girls brought a new dimension and volume. Those daughters are in their freshman and senior years in high school. Jane and family are grateful for the many blessings in their lives. Jane is especially appreciative of a job she loves in such a wonderful Montana county.

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