Sandy Bailey, PhD

Professor, Human Development & Family Studies Montana State University

Sandy Bailey is a Professor in Human Development & Family Studies and an Extension Specialist with Montana State University. She received her doctorate in family studies at Oregon State University. Her research has focused on parenting in various family structures, family systems, and family stressors. Since coming to Montana State University she has developed and coordinated research-based statewide programs that are implemented at the community level through County Extension Agents, such as the Montana Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Project and the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Series. For the past three years she has been involved with programming related to mental health and opioid use and misuse. She is the Principal Investigator on grants to deliver and evaluate Mental Health First Aid and Youth Aware of Mental Health to Montanans through the Extension network. She recently received two grants to focus on opioid use and misuse focusing on our rural and tribal communities.

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